Sound Bearier

  • ​Sound Bearier is an augmented reality experience uses Microsoft HoloLens.

  • This experience aims to explore various controls such as hand gesture and voice recognition provided by HoloLens. 

  • In addition, Sound Bearier aims to organically combine the physical and virtual world.


Role: Artist

Duration: 2 weeks


  • 3D modeling

  • Character rigging

  • Character texturing

  • Physical installation creation

Software used: Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop


Sound Bearier is about a hiker who is strolling in the woods and all in a sudden a bear comes out of the cave to chase him. The role of the guest (player) is to help the hiker safely get to the cabin.

design & process

  • Sound Bearier is designed to be a low-poly world to accommodate t​he device.

  • The team also uses cardboard to create a physical environment to enhance the interaction between physical and virtual world. 

Models & Animations

Because Sound Bearier is a low-poly world, the team decided to go for a simple and cute style. Thus, the texture for the models are simply solid colors.

We designed several actions for the bear to create interactions between the bear and the hiker.

Physical Installation

We chose to use cardboard to create a physical world for couple reasons:

  1. The texture and color of cardboard fits very well with the feel of our virtual world.

  2. Cardboard is very flexible and portable, which means we can have the experience almost anywhere.

Please refer to the video for our physical environment.